Sunsets in Cyprus


You know how whenever a friend suggests you should go on holiday together, nothing ever comes of it? Well, this trip was the exception to that rule! A good friend of mine recently pointed out that we both deserved a holiday, and for once everything came together – one week later everything was arranged and booked, including a beach holiday in Devon for Albert. (Hey – if I get a holiday, he gets a holiday!)

My friend was the one who suggested Cyprus, and it turns out that she has excellent destination selection skills. Cyprus is (or rather, was) a country neither of us had visited before, and it is also a great option in terms of temperature vs flight time, considering we only had a week to spare. We fell in love with the first hotel we came across online, Capital Coast Resort and Spa in Paphos, and we were happy to pay a little extra for some added luxuries. It was a brilliant decision – the hotel turned out to be everything we had hoped and more, and we could probably quite happily have spent the entire week there without surveying the surrounding area. An added bonus was the lovely hotel cats and the four kittens – it was great to have some furry creatures to cuddle on holiday, though I’m not quite sure what Albert would have thought of his stand-ins…

The hotel has two outdoor pools, an indoor pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a steam room, a relaxation room, a pool bar, a lounge bar, a spa and a small beach – I even found a tiny library! And this was off-season – they usually have a rooftop bar and a rooftop jacuzzi as well. The breakfast buffet is included, and there is also a delicious dinner buffet that features a different cuisine each night for €20 per person. The pool bar is a great option for lunch, and the meals on the ‘small snacks’ menu are really rather generous! We also tried one of the many restaurants right across the road, and bought a little food at Lidl (also right across the road) as we were supposed to be self-catering – but we only ate in our suite on one night, as we quickly realised that the dinner buffet always offered plenty of vegetarian options.

We chose the hotel because it seemed to cater mostly to adults – there’s no kid’s club, for instance – and we wanted to avoid the inevitable influx of British families on holiday during the half-term. I think we were quite lucky in that respect, as well – there weren’t too many children around, and those we saw never made a nuisance of themselves. (Please don’t misunderstand, I love children, but I live right next to a primary school so I was keen to get some peace and quiet for a change!) The entire resort has a calming atmosphere and there are strict pool rules – no music, no ball games, etc. – which helps the guests get the R&R they need both before and after spa visits.

Speaking of spa visits, I opted for the 2-hour Detoxifying Itinerary – which consisted of exfoliation and a body wrap, followed by a full body massage with a jasmine-scented oil. I was so relaxed when it was over that someone commented that I looked like I was on another planet – which probably wasn’t far from the truth.

By now you must think that I’ve been paid to review the resort – this is not the case. We just loved the hotel so much that we have already agreed to return for another holiday, hopefully around the same time next year. Autumn is a great time to visit Cyprus, the temperature is in the high 20s (and somehow 28C feels a lot hotter in Cyprus than in Britain), and extending the English summer by getting some autumn sun seems like an obvious choice. And unfortunately we missed out on many sights in the area – such as Coral Bay beach, the archeological park, the amphitheatre, Aphrodite’s Rock and probably much more… So there’s nothing for it, we simply must go back.

We didn’t just work on our tans, though, we also made excursions to The Tombs of the Kings, Paphos (the Old Town and the New) and Nicosia (both the Greek and Turkish side). Not bad for a week-long trip – so there are more blog posts to follow!

By the way, Paphos is going to be a European Capital of Culture next year (along with Aarhus in Denmark – another city I wouldn’t mind returning to), so if you fancy a visit, you should probably get your bookings in early! You can find out more here: Pafos 2017 / Aarhus 2017

Capital Coast Resort and Spa is as lovely as it looks
Our patio was right by the pools and opposite the pool bar – very convenient!
The view from our suite
The path from the hotel to the beach
The water was amazing!
The water was amazing!
Paphos is known for its sunsets
And Capital Coast has the best sunsets in Paphos
As you can see
OK, just one more
OK, just one more
Last one, I promise
Sunset tootsies. Compulsory holiday pic.
Sunset tootsies. Compulsory holiday pic.
Mojitos in the hotel bar
Mojitos in the lounge bar
Relaxing before my 2-hour spa treatment
A member of the local kitten squad. #squadgoals
A member of the local kitten squad. #squadgoals


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