Girls’ Day Out in Palma de Mallorca

How beautiful is Palma de Mallorca, capital of the Balearic Islands? As I arrived in Mallorca several hours before my family (who were flying in from Norway for our first family holiday in ages), I decided to explore this stunning city instead of waiting at the airport – which turned out to be an excellent decision.

I caught a bus from the airport to Palma for just €3 and left my luggage at the Lock and Go at the Estacíon Intermodal (bus station). The lovely guys working there gave me a free map and explained the best way to walk down to the cathedral without me even having to ask – they must’ve been mind readers!

So I strolled through Palma, down the Carrer de Sant Miquel to the beautiful Plaça Major (main square), and onwards down Carrer Colom to Plaça de Cort, which was all decked out for a wedding, I believe, and then down the Carrer del Palau Reial until I suddenly found myself looking up at the breathtaking facade of the Catedral de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca, better known as La Seu. I knew I would be returning to Palma to have a proper look at the cathedral later on, so I continued my stroll down to the Parc de La Mar and sat down in the shade for a bit before returning the way I had come, all the while taking pictures left right and centre of all the stunning motifs that kept popping up around me.

View through one of the gates at Plaça Major.
View towards a church down a small alley
Plaça de Cort
This olive tree is thought to be 600 years old
When I first looked up at the facade of La Seu, my jaw dropped and I blurted out “Oh. Holy. Wow.” – which sums it up nicely!
Under the steps that lead down from the cathedral
Relaxing in the shade
Another stunning alley, and more flags
On my way back, the doors to the town hall were closed, revealing these amazing silver hinges
Another peek down another alley. I ♥ alleys!
Golden cash register in a gorgeous little deli.


A few days later, I returned to Palma with my stepmother and sister on a fun girls’ day out. Our main priority was to see the cathedral, but we also spent quite a lot of time shopping – particularly in the Disney Store (for my nieces, of course), at Desigual (where I bought a small present for my stepmother, but ok, yes, it was mostly for me) and at MAC Cosmetics (alright, I’ll admit it, that was all for me).

We started the day with lunch/dessert at Cappuccino Grand Café – a place you shouldn’t miss if you ever find yourself in Carrer de Sant Miquel!
Claustre de Sant Antoniet
Claustre de Sant Antoniet
I'm always looking up!
Always lookin’ up!
Sangria Time!
View from the restaurant
Gelato! There’s always room for ice cream. One scoop of Kinder Egg and one of Bailey’s for me, please!


By now you’re probably wondering where all my photos from La Seu are – well, I didn’t want to totally overwhelm you, so I will share those photos later. The cathedral is so spectacular, it deserves its own blog post!


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