My Year in Books 2019

I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but My Year in Books 2019 was not my best (2018 was much better). I just kept hitting duds. Frequently, I had to resort to children’s lit or old favourites to rediscover the joy of reading. Then in August I started working out regularly, and I must admit, I’ve barely finished one book since then. Well, I may have finished a few books, but no novels.

I didn’t hit my goal

I didn’t hit my goal of 100 books, a goal I thought would be easy seeing as I read 128 books in 2018. Still, 87 books ain’t half bad. If I ignore the sheer amount of kiddie lit I went through (such as most of the books in the Paddington Bear series – the oldest ones are actually really good!), 87 is a number I can be happy with.

For my 2020 reading challenge, I have reduced my goal from 100 to 12 – but that is 12 novels, i.e. one per month. So far I’ve only completed a comic book, which doesn’t count, but let’s ignore that particular fact, too. However, this week I picked up again one of the novels I left unfinished in 2019, Now We Shall Be Entirely Free, so hopefully I should manage to complete it before the end of January. I’m 40% into it now, and I’m pretty sure my friend lied when she assured me there was some literary eye candy in there. So far, there are no Darcys or Rochesters or Captain Wentworths in sight. We usually enjoy the same novels, but I may ignore her recommendations in future. 😉

I didn’t get to the end

Other novels I’ve been unable to get to the end of (so far – I never leave a novel unfinished forever) include The Water Cure (I kind of liked it, but it has a funny vibe and I only got 18% into it before the e-book went back to the library. I haven’t bothered to renew the loan yet, but I’ll get there.), The Familiars (this may be good, I started it when travelling to Norway last month but it hasn’t reached the point where it can hold my interest yet, so I didn’t pick it up again during the month I was away) and The Mysteries of Udolpho (you know, the one Catherine Morland is reading in Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. Been working on that one since 2017.). Here’s hoping they will be included in the infograph when My Year in Books 2020 comes out…! 😉

I’ve also dipped in and out of The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, mainly because I’ve got the audio book and it is read by Emilia Fox and Richard Armitage (I could listen to his deep and dulcet tones all day long), but this is one of those books where you really need to pay attention to the stories, so even though I’ve listened to about half of them, I’m not sure how much I’ve actually heard, if you know what I mean. So I’ll have to return to that one at some point, too.

Audio books

Actually, there is a shamefully large number of audio books in my app that I still haven’t downloaded. I should probably enforce some sort of book buying ban in 2020. Yup, I will do that, I will add it to my goals for 2020 right now. Except for the novels chosen by my book group, of course. Although I hardly ever read those, either. 😉

All the Ws

If you have read this far, you’re probably getting curious as to what – if anything – I actually have read recently. Well, it hasn’t all been a waste of time. I have enjoyed reading about witches, witchers, werewolves and wolverines. I finally got around to reading some Neil Gaiman, and also got through some Bond, James Bond – I also really enjoyed the Virals series by Kathy Reichs (better known for the Bones books). They aren’t exactly realistic, even within their own universe, but they were excellent beach lit in the summer.

Anyway, without further ado – here is My Year in Books 2019 by Goodreads. (Please use this link if you would like a clickable version of the image below).

Love, Neens xx


My Year in Books 2019 by Goodreads

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  1. I know what you mean about not being able to get into any books and resorting to kids books. Been guilty of that myself. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Maggie, thank you very much! For some reason I don’t get notified of comments any more, I must look into that. I have had much more luck with my reading choices this year, and I hope the same applies to you! I decided to try the Popsugar 2020 reading challenge, which was very helpful. Though I am still reading some children’s literature (though I like to flatter myself that it is borderline YA) – I discovered the Murder Most Unladylike series a while back and am about halfway into it! Hope your year has been good so far, stay safe! 🙂

  2. I’m on a book buying ban this year- I have so many on my Kindle that I’ve not read. I also have several that I’ve borrowed from friends, several from the work library and several from the county library! I’m also trying not to reserve any more library books until I have read what I currently have…I always prioritise reading library books as they have a deadline! So no more buying or borrowing until I have read through my backlog…

    1. Hi Nicola, so sorry about the late reply! For some reason I am not getting notified of comments and I am also having trouble replying at the moment, so I hope this works! I tried a book ban as well, it lasted about 3 days… 😉 Going to try again from May onwards, I also have loads of unread books on my Kindle, and a great selection online from my local libraries. Very lucky in that respect! Hope you’re enjoying your book choices and staying safe!

  3. I am listening to Stephen Fry’s narration of Sherlock Holmes on Audible and it is 87 hours. Clearly, I think it should count as more than one book!

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