Albert In Memoriam

Albert In Memoriam

The purest soul that ever graced this earth has gone home to heaven for new Guardian Angel Dog assignments. I am beyond privileged to have had nearly 12 years of unconditional love from my little monkey. Rest in peace, Albiepops. We will always be together in spirit.

Love, Neens xx

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  1. I’m so so sorry to hear about Albert, I have tears in my eyes reading this. Our furry friends give us so much love and happiness in the years they are with us so it’s never easy when we have to say goodbye. Thinking of you and sending ((hugs)) x

  2. Such sad news about Albert. Your little monkey was so precious. It is so very hard to go on without our beloved babies. Sending love and hugs. I’ll miss him too. Oh boy, it’s heart breaking. So sorry.

  3. I so enjoyed reading about your outings with Albert, and seeing the lovely photos you included. I’m very sorry for this huge loss you’re going through.

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