Snow days in Devon 2018

Snow days in Devon! Who’d have thunk it? We’ve had two snow falls this March, making it the winteriest winter this Norwegian has ever experienced in England (and I’ve lived here for 15 years now).

snow days in devon 1
Monkey has a vague recollection of what this cold white stuff is.

Snow days!!! Albert has only really seen snow once before, back in January 2010, just before his 4th birthday. There was quite a bit of snow back then, but nowhere near as much as we’ve had this year.

snow days in devon 2
Walking through the allotments in Lympstone in 2010
snow days in devon 3
He quickly remembered that he LOVES snow!!
snow days in devon 4
And not just a little bit! 😀

At first, Albert didn’t know how to play in the snow, and just ran happily around in it instead. So as a responsible Norwegian dog owner, I got down on my hands and knees and showed him to lie down in it and roll around in it. At which point Albert just walked away from me, leaving me looking like an imbecile! 😀

The show and tell did work though, as you can see from the photos above. Monkey also got confused by the small balls of snow that formed on the fur on his legs and general undercarriage, so I got my scissors out later on and gave him a nice trim!

snow days in devon 5
Da do run run run, da do run run!
We were very lucky to have this area all to ourselves.

A few hours later it was packed with snowed-in villagers and numerous toboggans and sledges. Now, this is where yours truly gets a little confused. How is it that all British children seem to have toboggans and sledges at the ready? I mean, it only snows about once per childhood, twice if you’re lucky!

Well, the children certainly were lucky this year, and their squeals of delight resounded throughout the peaceful village the whole day – the lack of cars made it almost eerily quiet!

[PS: If you can’t see the videos above, you can find them here and here.]

Another thing that is funny about snow days in Devon is that the schools close down, but the pubs manage to stay open! Even the local grocery shop was open, and somehow there was still loads of food left when I got there the next day – even hot chocolate! In other words; no panic buying in this village! 😀

snow days in devon 7
The neighbourhood kids have clearly not read The Snowman by Jo Nesbø… 😉
Everyone went out walking to see their village under a layer of snow.

I met locals I’ve never seen before, because their cars were frozen solid so they couldn’t get to work. No really – the cars were frozen solid. It was difficult to capture on photos, but as an example, this is what my windows looked like:

snow days in devon 6
Nope, it is not opaque – it is frozen over!

The icy snow was really hard to walk in, and I’m clearly out of practice; I got muscle cramps in my calves afterwards! 😀

I asked virtually every Brit I met what the English word for skare is

– the hard layer of snow that forms on top of the rest – but no one seemed to know. The consensus was that there isn’t a word for it, and most people just call it crème brûlée. Even the well-read people in my book group didn’t know a word for it. Eventually I got my dictionary out and looked it up: it is called snow crust. Hmmm. I think I prefer crème brûlée! 😉 (By the way, if you need more English words to describe snow, check out this Wikipedia article!)

The first snow lasted about two days – then everything went back to normal.

snow days in devon 8
Monkey thought the snow melting into the ground was such a waste the he tried to eat it all instead!

But then, last Saturday night, I smelled snow. And the next morning we woke up to this!

snow days in devon 9
Winter Wonderland

Snow days are here again!

snow days in devon 10

Snow days in Devon 10

snow days in devon 11
The snow was much deeper this time.
snow days in devon 12
It kinda felt a little Christmassy…
snow days in devon 13
Although the church yard looked more like a set from a horror movie! 😀

Again, we were the first explorers to venture out in the morning, and we had the field all to ourselves. Albert was so happy that the snow was back that he could hardly sit still long enough to let me unclip his lead! Then he galloped across the field with free abandon, running around in his perfectly round springer spaniel circles.

snow day in devon 14

snow days in devon 15

It snowed all day – I don’t actually think it stopped for a moment! I could not see anything out of the Velux windows in my loft flat, as they quickly filled up with snow, and I had to head out if I wanted to see anything. However, with the village looking so lovely under a carpet of snow, that was no hardship!

snow days in devon 15
The sky was a perfect, snowy white.
snow day in devon 16
Cherry blossoms in the snow.

snow days in devon 17

It didn’t stick as well to the ground this time, though. I tried making a snow angel, but it became more of a grass angel!

We relished the last of the snow as we headed home from our midday walk that day. Then, suddenly, I realised we had forgotten something vital:

snow days in devon 18
A snowfie!

Now the snow has melted again, and as of yesterday it is officially spring!

Snow is beautiful, slush is not. Slush is pretty much one of the reasons why I moved away from Norway to what I thought would be a warmer climate… 😉 I hope this is it for now – but for the sake of Albert and the children in the village, I hope we get to enjoy some snow days again next winter!

Love, Neens xx



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  1. It certainly looks like Albert was enjoying himself in the snow, though I must admit I can’t stand the stuff. Even when I was a kid I didn’t like it and very rarely played out in it.

    I can’t believe you have cherry blossoms already – up here they don’t come out until late April/May time. We didn’t have much snow here in comparison to other places, it seems to go almost as quickly as it arrives so any kids with sledges don’t really get chance to use them much.

    1. Hi Eunice, We had several signs of early spring down here that got buried under the snow, and now I’ve just heard more snow has been forecast for the Easter weekend! No wonder the plants get confused… ?

  2. I haven’t been following your blog long enough to see images of Monkey and Albert up close. They are beautiful! We got a late snow here, too, in Virginia, just as the trees were starting too bloom.

    1. Hi Priscilla, actually Monkey and Albert are one and the same – Monkey is just my nickname for Albert as he can be such a cheeky monkey sometimes! ?? I ought to clarify that in my blogposts, I can see now how confusing it must be. Maybe I should just call him Albertmonkey, lol! Im glad you enjoyed the photos! ?

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