Autumn Anthems: Listen to this playlist on Spotify

Autumn Anthems – new season, new playlist!

Autumn Anthems Playlist

It’s October! Think colourful leaves, fresh air and brazing walks followed by hot chocolate, candles, blankets and doggie snuggles – and autumn anthems! It’s time to get ready for Halloween – and just a few days into November, it will be Guy Fawkes Night.

Autumn is quickly becoming my favourite season of the year. I love going for long dog walks with a fully charged camera; there are motifs galore! Endless blue skies and red, orange and yellow leaves everywhere you look.

And if the weather is a little unfortunate (as it frequently is on the isle of Britannia!), there are lots of spooky films to watch, with wonderful witches on broomsticks cackling as they fly through the air. Not to mention all the cheap candy in the shops! What’s not to love?

I particularly enjoy starting up my new Autumn Anthems Playlist on Spotify and switching on my new essential oil diffuser (love it!) to create a cozy atmosphere in my little flatlet, before I snuggle down in my comfy chair with Monkey on my lap and a good book on my iPad. Earlier this week, I discovered that it is *finally* possible for me to buy ebooks from Norway and read them on my Kindle, so I downloaded Tom Egeland’s latest book about Bjarne Beltø, and am looking forward to  getting stuck into another brilliant mystery. (Two of these books have been translated to English; if you like Dan Brown, you will probably love Relic and The Guardians of the Covenant!)

Anyway, I am really enjoying the playlist I put together, so I am sharing it here on my blog in the hope that you will enjoy it, too:

Autumn Anthems

(PS: If you can’t see the playlist widget above, use this link.)


I hope you will enjoy my little collection of autumn anthems! And if I’ve forgotten about a track that ought to be part of the playlist, please let me know!


Love, Neens Bea xx


PS: Depending on where you are in the world, you might like to listen to my Lazy Evening In Playlist or my multilingual Playlist for a Rainy Day instead…

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  1. Dog pictures are always the best, but your photo taken in the shade and looking out toward the sunny hills, oh, lovely! Thanks for the playlist.

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