The benefits of being an early bird

From night owl to early bird

I’m not a natural morning person. I used to baulk at the idea of getting up early. I run my own business from home, so it only takes me seconds to get to work and there never seemed to be any point in getting up early. However, lately I have been waking up earlier and earlier without even trying. You see, I have a skylight with no blind that I simply cannot reach, so I literally wake up with the sun. I woke up at 05:22 yesterday morning!

Previously, I would toss and turn for a few hours (I usually struggle to fall back to sleep once I’ve woken up). Now I have embraced the benefits of being an early riser.

early bird: morning light
Cherry tree in the early morning light.

Here are just some of the benefits of being an early bird

  • I’ve got the morning walk with the dog done and dusted before most people are out of their beds.
  • No more getting caught up in the school rush or early morning traffic!
  • I love the peace and quiet and the feeling of having the world all to myself.
  • There’s plenty of time for a long walk across the fields. If I don’t have any pressing deadlines, I go even further afield. A few weeks ago, monkey and I went for an early morning walk to Otterton.
  • There is also time for a leisurely breakfast afterwards. I like having a cup of blueberry tea and putting my feet up while waiting for my no-cook hot oatmeal to be ready.
  • Early morning deadlines are no longer a problem, and there’s no need to work late the evening before.
  • Easing into the day like this puts me in a great mood!
early bird: oatmeal
Waiting for the lid to pop and signal that my oatmeal is ready. Still plenty of time left before I have to start working.

Less stress…

In three weeks’ time, the days will start to get shorter again (perish the thought). To make sure that I remain an early bird and that my mornings remain as mellow as this, I have set a silent alarm for 7 am on my Fitbit Surge. I usually wake up earlier, but it’s comforting to know that I won’t sleep any later than that.

Being an early bird and getting up no later than 7 am ensures that I avoid morning stress. However, the added bonus is that I also avoid everyone else’s morning stress! Now I listen to birdsong instead of noisy traffic and stressed-out parents hurrying their children to school.

If left to my own devices, I quickly become a night owl – but following this routine is much more pleasant! Being an early bird also means that I go to bed earlier. Now I sleep while it is actually dark outside and get as much daylight as possible. This is not a bad thing considering how brief our springs and summers are here in England!

early bird: daylight
Early birds get the most daylight.

More structure

Becoming an early bird has added some much-needed routine to my life, as well. Now that monkey and I take our morning walk at 7 am, we have to take our midday walk and bedtime walk at regular times as well. (Monkey and I live in a loft flat with no garden, so he gets at least three walks a day.) Which in turn means that I have to plan my meals to make sure they don’t coincide with a dog walk. This has given my days a structure I don’t think I’ve had since I was in school. And speaking of school – since all our walks have been moved forwards, we miss the afternoon school rush as well!

early bird: catches the worm
It is true that the early bird catches the worm – I met this one on yesterday’s morning walk. 😉

Turning myself into an early bird has had so many benefits that I wish I would have done it sooner. I don’t like waking up to alarms, but the Fitbit Surge just vibrates gently on my wrist. It is soundless, and you can set which days of the week you want the alarm to go off. I don’t use it on the weekends, but five days a week is enough to keep my rhythm going.

I still stay up too late every now and then (who doesn’t), but I still get up early in the mornings. I’d rather compensate with a daytime nap than go back to being a night owl. There are far too many benefits to being an early bird for that!

Love, Neens xx

PS: The Fitbit Surge also tracks my sleep. I love that! Getting enough zeds has been a bit of a struggle for me lately, and I am very pleased to see that my sleep average is slowly improving. Yet another bonus of this new routine!


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  1. I like being an early bird, too! It allows me to get outdoor chores done before the heat of the day sets in. Wow, you were in the right time at the right place to catch such a good photo of that bird!

    1. Yes, that’s another excellent benefit! It rarely gets that warm in the UK, but it does happen from time to time.

      I was very lucky to get that photo, wasn’t I? I felt like this little blackbird lady was posing for me – she must’ve known I was writing about the benefits of being an early bird! ?

  2. I’m both a night owl and an early bird – I’ve never needed a lot of sleep so I can quite easily go to bed at 1am and still get up at 6.30 or sometimes earlier if I have a job to go to. I’ve just spent three days at a very quiet camp site surrounded by trees and each morning I’ve been lying awake at 4.30 listening to the dawn chorus. Yesterday I set my camera on video just to record the sound of it and it’s really lovely 🙂

    1. Oh that sounds lovely! I didn’t sleep much when I was younger, think I’m making up for it now, lol! I usually need nine hours but lately I haven’t even managed eight. Having a routine really seems to help!

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