How to celebrate a double belated birthday

It is never too late to celebrate a belated birthday!

My birthday was back in April, and I celebrated it with my family when they were here. They surprised me with a party and a meal out just after our Easter Eggstravaganza at Killerton! In the evening, my lovely friend Emily popped round with a beautiful bouquet of purple tulips and this matching purple card.

belated birthday: gift certificate

How clever! Emily really gets my minimalist ways.

A week after my birthday, it was Emily’s birthday. She was away on holiday on the day itself, so when she got back, we arranged a brunch date as our belated birthday celebration!

As we’re both obsessed with Mexican food, we opted for Chiquito in Exeter – a restaurant we’ve been to a couple of times before, and a place Emily’s beautiful little baby girl really seems to enjoy.

Chiquito is always a good choice; the food is delicious and the restaurant is full of vivid colours, bright patterns and music that makes you want to dance. It might not seem like the obvious place to bring a 9-month-old, but she loves the atmosphere there, and the staff are great with children!

We ordered some mock-jitos with lemonade, which were just as refreshing as they look.

belated birthday: mock-jatos

Then came the nachos – so delish!

belated birthday: nachos

Followed by our main courses; a quesadilla for me and a spicy chicken burrito for Emily.

belated birthday: main courses

Time for presents!

At this point I had already received my birthday present – this yummy belated birthday brunch! Proving that there is such a thing as a free lunch – if it is your birthday… 😉

Now it was time for Emily to open her presents.

belated birthday: present

Emily’s beautiful baby girl helping her unwrap one of her belated birthday presents.

As a minimalist, I prefer presents that are either experiences or consumables – they won’t clutter up my flat! The delicious brunch and excellent company fit both categories, and so, I hope, did Emily’s present: chocolate truffles and a scented candle. As a busy mum, I figured she could do with putting her feet up for a bit, so I hope she will find the time to light the candle and enjoy the relaxing scent and the yummy chocs.

We finished our tasty main meals and then played some peek-a-boo.

(If you can’t see the video above, please use this link.)

Isn’t that the most amazing sound you’ve ever heard? It’s like a laugh and a gurgle all in one!

This is probably the smiliest baby ever.

belated birthday: smiley baby

And she makes us smile, too.

belated birthday: smiles

By now it was time for dessert. We simply couldn’t resist the idea of indulging in some churros – I mean, who could?

belated birthday: churros

It is quite simply heaven on a plate.

And that’s when we got the most wonderful surprise from the waitress!

belated birthday: surprise

She had noticed the presents on the table and even though we had explained that it was just a belated birthday celebration, she brought us this amazing treat from the kitchen. Chocolate cake with whipped cream and birthday greetings in caramel sauce. So delicious and so pretty!

Something tells me this double birthday brunch at Chiquito might become an annual ritual… 😉

Love, Neens xx

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