Killerton Easter Eggstravaganza and Family Fun

Last Easter, I jetted off to Norway to surprise my mum and my twin nieces for their big birthday. (They share the same date.) This year, my family came to visit me. My nieces are real tight with the Norwegian Easter Bunny, who had been in touch with his English cousin on their behalf. Together, the bunnies had arranged no less than three egg hunts for my nieces in Devon! The best of these was undoubtedly…

The Cadbury egg hunt at the Killerton Estate

Killerton: Welcome

Despite a somewhat uninspiring weather forecast, Killerton was bathed in sunshine when we arrived.

Killerton: Bluebells

Bluebells covered the fields and were moments away from reaching full splendour.

Killerton: Flowers

We signed up for the Easter egg hunt and ambled past enchanting flowers in our search for clues.

Killerton Chapel

Signs informed more adventurous explorers of sights just off the main path, and our first discovery was this stunning chapel. It dates from 1738 and is a copy of the Norman chapel of St Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury.

Killerton Chapel: Stained glass windows

Stunning stained glass windows at the top create an amazing light inside the chapel.

Killerton Chapel: Rose window

Looking up towards the rose window…

Killerton Chapel: The floor

… and down at the spectacular floor.

Killerton Ent

We frequently passed enormous trees who may very well have been Ents.

Time for a lunch break

Killerton Dairy Café

Halfway through the egg hunt, we came across the charming Dairy Café.

Inside Killerton Dairy Café

Obviously, it was the perfect location for some coffee and a sandwich.

Gluten free at Killerton

Or in my case, a herbal tea and a gluten free chocolate fudge cake. So delicious!

Killerton egg hunt

My nieces took the opportunity to study the map and try to figure out what the solution might be.

Killerton rhododendron photoshoot 1

After which they were coerced into a rhododendron photoshoot by their snap-happy auntie.

Killerton rhododendron photoshoot 2

Cute as a button!

Killerton rhododendron tree

The rhododendron trees were incredible.

Killerton rhododelfie

So I just had to take a rhododelfie.

Entering Killerton bear's hut

Afterwards, we explored the bear’s hut, which used to be the home of a black bear called Tom.

Killerton bear's hut

The bear’s hut is beautiful inside and out – just like my nieces.

Killerton bear's hut detail

Always look up!

Killerton bear's hut design

Tom the Bear must’ve had a brilliant interior designer. We were in awe of the intricate and detailed designs.

Killerton: romantic rhododendron

On we walked, past more romantic rhododendron trees…

Killerton five-person tree

And then we found this beauty; a five-person tree! We were told it was around 350 years old – can you imagine?

Pink flowers at Killerton

We enjoyed the scenery to our heart’s delight.

Killerton House

However, the buildings were every bit as beautiful! I made a mental note to come back when this wisteria is in full bloom.

Killerton sister selfie

Sister selfie in the sun.

Killerton cuddle attack

Cuddle attack selfie!

Killerton family selfie

And a compulsory group selfie taken with my sister’s amazing wide-angle camera phone.

Killerton egg hunt success

My nieces had no problem completing the egg hunt, even though they’ve only been learning English for a year! We can’t reveal the answer, because the egg hunt is still on – click here to find out more!

Thank you so much to Cadbury and Killerton for the most eggciting egg hunt of the season!

Love, Neens xx

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