Nostalgic notes from Norway

For some reason I can’t quite grasp, I always seem to travel to Norway in the depths of winter. This trip was no exception. Fortunately it felt more like autumn as there was no snow on the ground and no colder than -5°C or so, even in the evenings. Perfect conditions for exploring and admiring the lovely sunsets, in other words! Sadly, I missed the Northern Lights – though apparently the aurora borealis was putting on a show at the airport just before my flight landed.

All the photos below (with the exception of the group photo) were taken on my iPhone 7 Plus, and most of them are unedited. #nofilterneeded for Norway!

Visit to Norway

First, I visited my grandparents’ old house in Romsdal – this is a stunning area that is full of childhood memories for me.
Granddad's boathouse in Norway 1
Oh, the fun I’ve had in granddad’s old boathouse!

Granddad's boathouse in Norway 2

Granddad's boathouse in Norway 3
Such a familiar sight, yet it has been so long…

Granddad's boathouse in Norway 4

View from granddad's boathouse in Norway 1
The view from the boathouse is unbeatable

View from granddad's boathouse in Norway 2

Romsdalsfjord, Norway
The view across the fjord
Typical red barn in Norway
Back when I was a tourist guide, a colleague was asked why all Norwegian barns are red. The tourist wondered if it was because they are drenched with blood? My colleague replied yes, as he firmly believed that the customer is always right… 😉
Red barn in Norway
No filter; just red paint and a cloudless sky!
Fairytale house in Norway
Fairytale house
The main purpose of my trip was to spend some quality time with my grandparents, who I hadn’t seen in a long time.
Holding hands with granddad in Norway
Mission accomplished ❤

But the lovely weather meant I got to do a lot of exploring, as well – and with a doggie in tow as usual! Handsome Teddy took on the job as a stand-in for my beloved Albert, who spent the week enjoying a beach holiday back home in Devon.

Sunset in Norway

Teddy, my walking partner in Norway

Ferry in sunset in Norway
Powder pink and baby blue sunset
Boathouse in Norway 1
More boathouses

Boathouse in Norway 2

Sunset reflecting off snowy mountains in Norway
So beautiful that I didn’t want to go back inside

Vestnes church in Norway 1

Vestnes church in Norway 2
Vestnes Church from 1872

Later in the week we were joined by my sister and her family. The whole gang hiked to a local beauty spot, where we barbecued sausages on a bonfire. I couldn’t find my favourite veggie sausages, so I had to have homemade chocolate cake instead. Hard times.

Boathouse in Norway 3
Even more boathouses

Ice on a fjord in Norway

Bonfire in Norway

Frozen waves in Norway
Frozen waves
Ice crystals in Norway
There was no snow, but plenty of huge ice crystals on the ground.
Group selfie in Norway
My sister takes the best group selfies!

In summary, it was a wonderful trip! And finally, on the ferry back, I found the local delicacy I had been craving all week – svele. I defy you to find a café with a better view!

Svele and a great view on the ferry in Norway
The perfect end to the perfect trip.

Love, Neens xx

PS: If you’d like to see more photos from my trip to Norway, check out my Instagram feed!

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