How to make Christmas fit in a 20 x 25 cm box

Festive tea lights and Bailey’s chocolate – what more does a girl need?

I love Christmas, but I have never been very fond of Christmas decorations, not even as a child. There was nothing more disappointing to me than to open a present on Christmas Eve (that’s how we roll in Norway) and find some sort of Christmas ornament inside. I wasn’t ungrateful, I just didn’t like getting presents that would have to be packed away in a couple of days – I preferred gifts I could enjoy the whole year through. Decorations that are specific to a certain date or time of year have never really been my thing.

When I became a minimalist, some of the easiest possessions to let go of were things like Christmas bunnies, Easter pumpkins and Halloween angels. (Not that I had many of those. 😉 ) Thanks to all my decluttering, for the past three years, all my Christmas decor has been stored in a little white box that measures 20 x 25 cm.

This is what my Christmas Box contains:

  • Three Wishes for Cinderella – a Czech film based on a French fairytale that somehow became a Norwegian Christmas tradition. It is a great film and the film music is so beautiful.
  • Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas – a must for me. I love all the songs, but my favourite is Oh Holy Night.
  • A Norwegian Christmas CD – Det hev ei rose sprunge by Helene Bøksle. A lovely gift from my wonderful friend K.
  • Four bullfinches (Norwegians associate bullfinches with Christmas – in the UK it is usually robins). I’ve had them since I was a little girl, and they look really pretty when I hang them from my Velux windows.
  • Two angels that can be attached to taper candles – a gift from my mum.
  • Albert’s Christmas stocking – similar here.
  • My mini collection of vintage Christmas cards.
  • A tiny angel conductor – another gift from my mum (I once conducted a children’s choir).
  • A red, heart-shaped, crocheted table cloth – how Christmassy can you get?
  • A red wine glass that I use as a tea light holder.
  • … and a handmade Christmas bottle gift bag, which I bought last year but didn’t find a recipient for. I’ve got someone in mind this year, though!



There’s no fireplace in my little loft flat, so Albert’s Christmas stocking hangs from one of my Velux windows. The bauble (a present from my lovely friend A) and fairy lights are always on display. I’m kinda festive that way. (That rhymed.)


To add to my Christmas decor, I choose objects that are disposable, or better yet, consumable! This advent calendar from Lindt ticks all the boxes: festive, delicious and recyclable!


Naturally, Albert has an advent calendar, too. His is from Lily’s Kitchen, and is full of organic treats.


Albert thinks they’re really yummy!


Some of my vintage Christmas cards. These are a souvenir from my first trip to Prague.


These Christmas Crackers from Waitrose are also recyclable, and really pretty to look at!


Albert thinks they’re really yummy!   (Don’t worry, I removed the bit that goes bang!)


These glittery gold tea lights are also from Waitrose – I love them!


♫ All is calm, all is bright… ♬   And look, there’s even a snowflake on a stick!


Neens thinks it’s really yummy.


All these bits and pieces take up very little space, but have a big impact – especially in a flat that is only 31.5 square metres. The advent calendars, Christmas crackers and glittery tea lights will all be used up over the holiday, and then recycled, so there will be nothing extra to store for next year. (The snowflake on a stick is already gone. Don’t judge me.)

This is how Albert and I like to celebrate Christmas – we’re small on stuff, but big on cuddles.

We wish you a lovely advent and hope you have fun decorating your home for Christmas !

Love, Neens & Albert xx?