Sun and sea at Sandy Bay

One of the great things about being owned by a dog is that it gets you out and about.

And the best thing about having a dog when you have no garden is that it gets you out and about several times a day – morning, noon and night.

These days I get to see spectacular sunrises, sunsets and shooting stars – not to mention foxes, owls and hedgehogs – that I never would have seen if I still lived in a house with a garden and only took Albert for walks in the middle of the day.

In short – not having a garden has its benefits. #silverlinings The other day I woke up to find the skylights in my little loft flat frozen over. (Winter is reminding us that he’ll be here in three weeks’ time!) So I layered up to head outside with Albert – and then inspiration hit. I checked the tide times, and yup – the tide was going out.

This would be the perfect morning for a walk from Exmouth Beach to Sandy Bay.

Sandy Bay 1

We parked up by Orcombe Point in Exmouth and jumped down into the soft sand – Albert a little more gracefully than me.

Sandy Bay 2

Rounding Orcombe Point into Sandy Bay, I was amazed to see that the sand floor from the ‘caves’ has been washed away by the sea – they look quite different now.

Sandy Bay 3

Sandy Bay 4

We had Sandy Bay entirely to ourselves – and Albert loved being back at one of his favourite spots from last autumn.

Sandy Bay 5

Orcombe Point is the Western gateway to the World Heritage Site known as The Jurassic Coast, but this area is actually even older. The red sandstone cliffs are from the Triassic period, so they are 250 million years old. Quite unfathomable, really.

Sandy Bay 6

Beware of falling boulders, though. Some of the strata in the cliffs at Sandy Bay are more brittle than the others. Most of these boulders are taller than me!

Sandy Bay 7

The cliffs seem to be admiring their own reflections in the rock pools – and rightfully so.

Sandy Bay 8

Nothing but my own footprints to be seen.

(If you can’t see the video above, use this link.)

Sandy Bay 9

Sandy Bay 10

Sandy Bay 11

When he is this happy, I call him Professor Wigglebottom… 😉

Sandy Bay 12

Sandy Bay 13

Albert is so good-natured that the seagulls couldn’t even be bothered to move.

Sandy Bay 14

Sandy Bay 15

Such a happy monkey!

Sandy Bay 16

King of the hill.

Sandy Bay 17

Sunny Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay 18

Sand + Sea = Art

Sandy Bay 19

A new ridge seems to be rising from the sea near Orcombe Point, so a lot of sand must have been washed away in this area.

Sandy Bay 20

Dawlish in the distance.

Sandy Bay 21

When the sun is shining and the tide is low, there is no place like Sandy Bay.

The beautiful red sandstone cliffs contrasting with the blues of the sea and sky are simply unparalleled in my opinion! So if you should ever find yourself in East Devon on a day like this, you know where to go.

Love, Neens & Albert xx?

PS: All photos were taken on an iPhone 7 Plus and are completely unedited. I have merely added my website logo.

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  1. Great photos, the sandstone cliffs are a fabulous colour and I love the next to the last shot with the pools of water in the sand. Having a beach all to yourself is great, and Albert really does look like a happy little monkey. My two love going on the beach when I’m camping – in the early morning I’m very often the only one there and it feels like I could be hundreds of miles from anywhere 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Eunice! I love having a beach all to myself, there is just something very enticing about being able to walk and walk and never run into anyone! Especially with the waves crashing, the gulls calling and the monkey’s tail wagging happily as he plays in the surf. It is the best feeling! xx

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