Wishing you a woofely Advent!

Christmas isn’t just for children – it’s for doggies, too!

(Cat’s have their own agenda. I’m not quite sure what they’re up to, but I’m pretty sure it involves plans for world domination. I like it.)

It’s impawsible to resist this monkey.

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Albert is in for a very woofely advent this year, thanks to this super cute advent calendar for doggies from Lily’s Kitchen! All the treats are organic – only the very best for our pooches, am I right? Someone’s tail is going to be very waggy come Thursday morning!




There are a few other advent calendars for dogs out there as well, such as the ones below from Rosewood and Good Boy, and if you order today, they can still arrive before the 1st of December (depending on which delivery option you choose).


In addition to the calendar, I have stocked up on a few festive treats from Lily’s, as well as the Bedtime Biscuits that I always keep on hand. Albert loved Lily’s Christmas Dinner last year, and I am sure the Three Bird Festive Feast will also be pawsitively received!



Christmas is a busy time for us humans, and Lily’s Bedtime Biscuits are a great treat to give your dog before you’re off out the door (it doesn’t have to be at bedtime, so long as your pooch only gets one of these per day). The chamomile and passion flowers keep your dog calm and snoozy until you’re back. These biscuits can probably also come in handy around midnight on New Year’s Eve if your dog isn’t fond of fireworks…


Speaking of New Year’s, this my absolute favourite product for Albert whenever he is a little nervous or stressed. Fortunately that isn’t very often, and he is fine with fireworks, but I like to pop a few drops of this Valerian Compound on his bed and his favourite blanket every time I have washed them. I also use them on the seat cover in the car. It doesn’t smell particularly pleasant to me, but Albert really likes it and often lies down right on top of the drops to have a little snooze.


But back to the Christmas treats!

Albert is also also chewtin’ for a chance to try the Chewy Stocking, Ho Ho Ho Bones and Chewy Chicken Stars from Good Boy.



So I guess I may have to order one or all of them before Christmas!

We’re quite strict with treats usually, but when it is Christmas, it is Christmas – for doggies and humans alike.

Love, Neens & Albiepops xx ?


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