Time to get a new planner!

My favourite time of year? Ok, it’s probably summer, but I love it when it’s time to get a new planner!

Time to get a new planner!

My planner is my brain.

It is my external hard drive, if you will. I can’t really function properly without it! People presume that because I’m surgically attached to my iPhone Plus, I use it as a planner as well, but I’ve never quite got on with the calendar function and whatnot (I’m a huge fan of using Siri for reminders, though!). If I don’t have my diary with me, I write down what I need to remember in the Notes app, and then I transfer it to my planner as soon as possible. Putting pen to paper has always helped me remember things better.

Over the years, I have tried many different types of planners, and many different formats. I always seem to switch diaries halfway through the year, because I don’t quite get on with them or I don’t use them as efficiently as I should. Those days are gone, though – ever since I stumbled across the Moleskine Weekly Diary back in March. As the Moleskine is pocket-sized (A6), I use the bullet journal principles to make the most of it. A diary roughly the size of my phone, and an efficient way to note down everything I need to remember – it’s perfection!

New planner x2

My new planner for 2017

Last year I opted for a minimalist diary in Black, but this year I’m all about the Malachite Green. The Moleskine pocket diary comes in a number of other colours, as well – including Steel Blue and Grape Violet – and this übercute limited edition yellow Peanuts diary that I kinda regret not getting, but it is a little too big for me as it has a day per page.

Time for a new planner - or two!

So if I love my tiny diary so much, what’s the deal with the A5 one in the pictures, you may ask? Well, I found it at Tesco one day and just totally fell for it. Sometimes the path between minimalist and stationery lover is difficult to tread! I absolutely adore it, but sadly I cannot find it on their website or on Google so I am unable to give you a link. I use it as a ‘blogging diary’ and have already begun planning future blog posts with it – it’s so much fun!

The Moleskine is my main new planner.

Personalising my new planner

I have personalised my Moleskine this year, adding “NB 2017” in gold lettering. I’m very happy with the result, but it meant a long delay in having the diary delivered. I had to order it directly from Moleskine and it was shipped from Italy, so it took a while. Eleven days to be exact! If you fancy doing the same with your new planner, you can order it here, but I would recommend that you order it from Amazon as it is both faster and cheaper.


Bullet journalling

The principles of bullet journalling must have changed over time; I find the instructions on the website a little confusing now. I have outlined my own, personal method on the sticky note in the photo above. However, the point is that you can pick and choose the elements that work for you and your new planner. The versatility of this method is what makes it so great!

One of the best things of a year nearing the end is the fun of choosing a new planner.
(Well, that and Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas Markets, of course!)

If it would only stop raining, I think late autumn could become my new favourite time of year!

Happy planner hunting – and let me know what you choose!

Love, Neens xx

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