Twinkling lights and Christmas delights in Exeter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No, I don’t mean Christmas – well, not really, as it’s only mid-November – but it’s that time of year when Exeter is transformed into a magical city full of lights, colours and mouth-watering scents! Christmas lights are twinkling all over town, and the Christmas Market is in full swing on the Cathedral Green.

What a shame that pictures can’t capture the amazing aromas of coffee, churros, cupcakes, citrus, cinnamon, candy and crêpes – oh, the crêpes… Oh là là!

But first, the Christmas lights. They were lit on a very windy and rainy day, so I gave the switch-on ceremony a miss and photographed them the next evening instead. Aren’t they enchanting?

The old Tudor houses are glittering in Exeter’s High Street.
The Urban Outfitters mural looks lovely with this Christmas banner!
Colour-changing fairy lights span the High Street.
And Princesshay looks absolutely magical in the evening.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star…
The reflections in the shop windows are as captivating as the real thing.
Sparkling lights mirrored in the shop windows and glass ceiling.
My favourite sculpture from last year is back – how cute are these polar bears?

The annual Christmas Market opened on Saturday the 19th, and again it was a very rainy and blustery day (aka Storm Angus) – so I gave it a miss and explored the market on Sunday instead. It is open until the 18th of December (more info here), so I will definitely be dropping by again to sample more of all the delicious delights it has to offer. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend visiting Exeter right now – it is bound to get you into the holiday spirit!

Churros! And Santa Claus has been given his very own red pillar box!
I can’t drink coffee (sadly!) but this is my friend’s absolute favourite.
This ought to be turned into a scratch and sniff sticker!
I wish this was one of those scratch and sniff stickers!
You won’t believe the aromas emanating from these gourmet coffee beans…
Candy-coloured Turkish Delight – as yummy as it is pretty!
More candy!
Guess what? This is actually chocolate!
Still chocolate. I have my eye on that Nikon, lol!
The Cathedral Green is abundant with lights and colours.
Gluten-free crêpes! Amazing!
I opted for Bailey’s and White Chocolate. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?
Devon is famous for its fudge!
The market doesn’t just consist of food stalls, though…
… they just really tend to draw my eye! Gluten-free treats here, too.
More gluten-free goodness…
Russian dolls of every thinkable – and unthinkable – variety.
Wanna know what’s inside the cupcakes? A Ferrero Rocher chocolate!
Light and shadow playing on the facade of Exeter Cathedral

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