Bonfire Night 2016

The best part of living in the countryside is the strength of the communities and the never-ending parade of local events. This is particularly evident in autumn and winter, when Halloween is quickly followed by Bonfire Night, which is then succeeded by lots of Christmas markets and caroling sessions – I may live in England, but sometimes I’m convinced I actually live in Stars Hollow!

Bonfire Night – or Guy Fawkes Night – is no exception, of course, and this year (as every year), there was a huge bonfire, an amazing fireworks display and plenty of drinks and nibbles for the revellers. We have a tradition for bonfires in Norway as well, but that is at midsummer and obviously the traditions I grew up with don’t seem anywhere near as quirky to me as the British ones do! And Guy Fawkes Night is one of the quirkier ones – I mean, celebrating a failed gunpowder plot with fireworks? It seems a little counterintuitive to me, but it certainly is great fun!

Despite the beautiful bonfire and fantastic fireworks, I spent a lot of time looking down – the light cast by the fire was so warm and autumny (that’s totally a word) that at times the play of light and shadow that surrounded us all fascinated me more than the fireworks.

These photos are all unedited, and I hope they will convey the wonderful atmosphere of Bonfire Night 2016.



























(If you can’t see the video, use this link:

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