Back to the bluebell woods

Did you see the photos from our walk in the bluebell woods last year? Visiting beautiful Blackbury Camp, an Iron Age Hill Fort in East Devon, has become a spring rite for my monkey and me. There is something magical and fleeting about English bluebells woods, and somehow the experience can’t quite be captured on images and film – but that doesn’t stop me from trying!

This year we timed our visit perfectly – not only were the bluebells in full bloom, but we had the entire place to ourselves.


Albert was off as soon as I let him out of the car, and quickly ran a reccie around the perimeter.

Everything was in order, but in addition to the bluebells, we also found a patch of evening primroses!

A nice, chewy stick on a bed of bluebells – Albert was in doggie heaven!

And they say dogs can’t smile…!

Isn’t this the most enchanting forest floor you’ve ever seen?

I suspect Albert caught the scent of fairies…

This is the tail end of a very happy dog!

Nothing but green and purple as far as the eye could see.

(If you can’t see the video above, use this link.)

Have I actually managed to tire out a springer spaniel?

The wild English bluebell is a protected species, but I am happy to say there seems to be more of them for each year that passes!

Ah, he’s up and running again!

Hill stick

The banks of the ancient hill fort are completely covered in delightful bluebells.


Happy monkey!


We explored every nook and cranny of the English Heritage site.


It is full of charming little paths like this.

posing by path

No wonder Albert didn’t want to leave…

holly & bells

But we’ll be back again next spring!


Love, Neens & Albert xx?


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