Run or Dye: How I checked a 5k off my bucket list

I checked a big item off my bucket list today: a colour run!

I’ve wanted to do one ever since I first heard about them, and signed up as soon as I saw that Run Or Dye was coming to my neck of the woods.

I’ve never done a 5K before. In fact, I’ve never done any kind of run before. So today was a day of firsts!

The event village
The event village at Great Fulford
Ready to Run Or Dye!
Cheeky grin and ready to Run Or Dye!

I’ve been super busy with work lately and couldn’t find the time to train for the race (I’ve only been to the gym twice in the past two months, and that was just to use the spa department for some much-needed relaxation), so I was fully reconciled to walking the whole race. To my great surprise, however, I was able to run about half of it!

It was lovely to run through the beautiful Devon countryside along with lots of excited people in the wonderful sunshine. The ground was quite treacherous though, so you had to pay close attention to where you placed your feet – there was a lot too look out for; mud, nettles, brambles, holes and logs spring to mind.


Overheard while running:

Young boy egging on his überfit grandfather: “Come on, granddad!”
Younger brother: “Granddad, come ON!”

Young woman: “You’re not going to run the full 5K, are you?”
Friend: “Yup!”
Young woman: “Really?”
Friend (running on ahead): “Come on!”
Young woman: “Really??”
To herself: “This is why I don’t run – I hate it!”

Girl to her friends (sarcastically): “It’s bad enough I have to run 5K without having all this shit thrown all over me – like, what is this shit?” (laughing happily)

Child: “Mummy, can we PLEASE walk??”
Same child one minute later: “Chop-chop, chop-chop!”

Crossing the finish line
Crossing the finish line
Proof that I wasn’t the last person to finish!
Great Fulford is such a beautiful estate
Great Fulford is such a beautiful estate

After the run, the dye party started in front of the stage – superb music, happy people, lots of free merchandise and dye packs being thrown off the stage – it was brilliant! There was a 10-second countdown, and then we all ripped open our dye packs and this happened (you can see me in the crowd, I’m the short person with the hot pink sunnies and yellow dye, haha!).

A man next to me, who had his young daughter on his shoulders the whole time, blurted out “Your mother is going to KILL me!!” after the powder cannon turned them both completely blue!

After the dye party. Loving the green tash!
After the dye party. Loving the green tash!
Green and orange - a good look for me, n'est-ce pas? ;-)
Green and orange – a good look for me, n’est-ce pas? 😉
Heading home in my trusty Tatty Teddy onesie
Heading home in my trusty Tatty Teddy onesie

I’m glad I had the idea to bring my Tatty Teddy onesie to change into after the run. It was so nice and warm and comfy to drive home in! Amusingly, when I took the photo above, I thought I had managed to get all the dye off with wet wipes. I didn’t realise that I had a green neck and moustache, and the back of my neck was so covered with dye that the inside of my hood turned blue! It took a long shower and seven (yup, 7) wet wipes to make me presentable enough to take my Albert-monkey out for a walk. I’m still not back to my usual colour, I kinda look like the love child of The Hulk and Smurfette. My body is green and blue and orange all over, and the dye has managed to not only go through several layers of clothing, it has even gone through my shoes and socks and stained my feet. I also have colour inside my nose and ears, and the corners of my eyes keep turning purple. I’ve even been coughing up colour! I guess I can confirm that the slogan “The world’s most colorful 5K” is pretty spot on!

In short: I had an absolutely wonderful day, and I really hope Run Or Dye will return to Exeter next year!


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